Library nook provides a quiet retreat

Seniors Jonathan Sogin and Connor Allen relax in the library. “I think what we’re really missing now is a chimpanzee,” Allen suggested. “If we could just have a chimpanzee to cuddle with, that would be prime.”

With midterms moving ever closer, St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s students are beginning to alter their migration patterns. Seniors Jonathan Sogin and Connor Allen have recently found a newly renovated library enclave. Where once was a tepid desk with mere school supplies, is a now an untamed wild, with leaves, and shade, and a fish named Spicy Carlos.

“We call it lounge two,” Allen declared. “Seniors have priority, because we know there’s a social hierarchy.”

At times, it can be difficult for students to find a quiet, even unoccupied location in the Upper School. From the aptly labeled junior benches to the Summit Center, most areas have been metaphorically ‘claimed’ long ago. But despite that, Allen and Sogin insist that they’ve found a gem.

“It’s a nice place to relax,” Sogin added. “It’s comfortable and quiet. You can get things done—it isn’t hectic, like the lounge.”

“It’s warm, too,” Allen agreed. “And the leaf is just prime.”

While student’s hangout locales can fluctuate as rapidly as the students themselves, the library has, and will likely remain, one of the staple places for students to study and chat. And for now, Sogin and Allen seem to have found their home. “There’s even higher oxygen content, because there’s plants,” Sogin joked.