How to stay active while practicing social distancing


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There are a number of easy ways to maintain your physical and mental health while practicing social distancing.

The easiest thing to do while practicing social distancing is to curl up on the couch and walk Netflix while scrolling through social media all day. While this isn’t necessarily a negative thing, maintaining a healthy amount of movement and exercise is crucial to one’s health, both mental and physical. Plus, it’s a way to kill some time when the days start to get long.

Of course, exercising isn’t as easy as it normally is. With all gyms and fitness centers closed down, it’s up to individuals to find ways to stay active in the comfort of their own homes. Not everyone has access to equipment such as treadmills or weights, and the weather doesn’t always cooperate. However, there are many ways to stay active, not matte the equipment available.

Go on a run or a walk.

Going for a run or a walk is not only a great way to exercise, but also a way to get some fresh air while social distancing.

Workout using a free app.

There are countless apps that offer free work out instruction that requires little to no equipment. This includes “Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer,” “7 Minute Workout,” and “Sworkout.

Do yoga.

For those wanting a low impact way to stay active and flexible, yoga is the perfect option. There are yoga tutorials on YouTube for free, and they require very little equipment.

Do basic exercises that don’t require weights.

Just because you don’t have weights at home doesn’t mean you can’t push yourself. Pushups, squats, burpees, and lunges are only a few of the exercises that use only body weight, and can still be incredibly challenging.

All of these options are easy ways to maintain your physical and mental health while practicing social distancing.