Grillin’ With Gib (Ep.2): Gib Cooks Some Sausage

Breandan Gibbons

Breandan Gibbons, RubicOnline Editor


Roasted Tomatoes with Herbs:


5 Roma Tomatoes

Bread Crumb Mix




3 Cloves of Garlic

Olive Oil


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Start by cutting the garlic cloves in half and then mincing them with a knife or other mincing agent. Deposit the garlic pieces in a bowl.
  3. Take the tomatoes and split them in half so that they can lie down a plate or a pan and put them on a plate.
  4. Make sure the parsley is fine (of course fine meaning small, not FINE!)
  5. Pour the bread crumbs in a bowl.
  6. Line up the bowls in this order: Olive oil, bread crumbs, garlic and herbs.
  7. Take each half tomato and dip into each bowl, except the herds. For the herbs, grab a few by hand and trickle them onto the tomato.
  8. Put all the covered tomatoes on the pan and let them cook in the oven and check after an hour.
  9. Make sure that the tomatoes are not mushy when they come out, but that they are hot on the outside and the bread crumbs should be slightly charged.

Merguez Sausage:


8 Sausages


  1. Boil a large pot of water over high heat.
  2. Once the water is boiling place the eight sausages in the water one at a time carefully, yet not timidly.
  3. Wait five minutes and then remove the sausages from the water.
  4. Turn on the grill and put each sausage on the grill top going perpendicular to the lines of the grill.
  5. Make sure each sausage cooks evenly and rotate their location if there are any hot spots on the grill. Turn the sausages over but don’t be obsessive about it, let the grill do its job and cook the sausages.
  6. When the sausages are nice and crisp on the outside and hot on the inside, take them off the grill and keep in the oven if need be to maintain the heat.



4 boxes of Couscous

4 Spice packets from inside those boxes


  1. Boil a pot of water with the prescribed amount of water (One to one and a quarter cup of water per box of couscous).
  2. Pour the spice packets in and mix them up in the water.
  3. Fold the couscous into the water and as soon as all of the couscous is in the pot take the pot off the heat.
  4. Continue to stir the couscous and make sure no grains get too emotionally or, more importantly, physically attached to the side of the pot.

Combine all three on the same plate in a manner similar to Mike Wazowski’s head. Make sure to serve while hot, use the tomato if a condiment seems to be needed.

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