Education should not veer away from darker topics


Education is essential for a functioning society. Everybody needs basic education to learn about our history, how things work in the real world, and how to function in society. With education being such a big part of everybody’s life, so much debate exists on how kids should be taught. Every child is different, so everyone learns in a different way.

Recently in the United States, many laws have proposed banning specific curriculums and topics taught in schools.

Education should not avoid darker topics.

If students do not know about the many different parts of our world’s history and current events they will be bound to make some very bad choices in their lives because of their ignorance.

Every person has a different world perception because they have all grown up differently. With different people around them, different cultures, and different issues they face, many students are directly affected by many of the horrible events in history, and it shapes who they are as people today.

For example, many students are Jewish, either culturally or religiously. Anti-semitism is one of the oldest forms of hate, and it still affects Jews living through their daily lives. A more direct and recent atrocity towards the Jews was the Holocaust. Many people have lost parts of their families due to the holocaust and the holocaust only ended 77 years ago. When there is no education on the holocaust in schools, anti-semitism is bound to remain prevalent. All of the offensive jokes, and the disregard for the loss of life will stay in our community. With education on anti-semitism, people will learn more about Jewish history and will not be uneducated or misinformed on such an important part of history.

Anti-semitism is only one example of the hate that students have to face. There are many other events and tragedies that have occurred throughout history that affect certain students. We need education on darker topics so people can be more understanding of others and their challenges. If we are not educated on these topics, all forms of hate will be here to stay.