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Dalton unlocks crystal mysteries

CRYSTAL ALLURE. In addition to the type of crystal, shapes can also have a deeper meaning. For instance, pyramids are believed to manifest dreams and geodes can be a cleansing tool to the soul. (Cutouts: Georgia Ross, graphic: Zimo Xie)

Diving into the enchanting world of good luck crystals, tarot cards, and predicting the future, junior June Dalton is fascinated by the meanings behind crystals and narratives from tarot cards and small superstitions she has grown to trust. Dalton has stepped into the realm of supernatural exploration with her passion and curiosity.

In the realm of crystals, each type is associated with a specific meaning or quality. For example, amethyst is believed to bring good luck while clear quartz will give balance in its ability to regulate the release of energy. In Dalton’s case, she typically wears bracelets or necklaces containing crystals.

“They give me some confidence taking tests and so far have made me do well,” Dalton said.

However, rather than using the crystal to guide her decisions, she considers them more as a charm, helping her with good fortune.

Dalton said, “It’s like a fun thing to indulge in for me because I love learning about the meaning of crystals.”

It’s a fun thing to indulge in for me because I love learning about the meaning of crystals

— June Dalton

Dalton grew up in a household with Chinese roots, so at a young age, she was exposed to various superstitions. A superstition she believes involves sharing pears: she can eat a pear alone or share it with three people. But sharing it with only two people is consequential.

“I mainly do it because there is an idiom where if you share a pear you will not see the person for a very long time,” Dalton said.

Drawing from her parents’ experience, from when they first started dating and shared a pear, Dalton’s mom, an immigrant from China, got sent back, and they didn’t see each other for a year. As a result, she is cautious to share a pear with anyone, ensuring that she doesn’t keep them away for a year.

In addition to crystals, she also uses tarot cards as a form of fortune telling where an individual will draw cards to gain insight into a situation. During a tarot reading, the cards are shuffled and drawn in a specific order. The reader then interprets the cards which involves understanding the relationship of the cards.

“I never use them to tell me everything I need to know or do in my life,” she said. “But seeing how scarily accurate they can be interests me.”

Dalton has used tarot cards not only for personal insight but also to bond with friends over the cosmic power of cards predicting outcomes. She takes pictures of the cards and sends them to friends conversing over what their fate reveals.

Dalton’s journey in supernatural exploration, is not only a hobby but reflects a lot of her personal values in cultural heritage, personal beliefs, and the want for meaning beyond the ordinary.

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