Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman reflects maturity


Ariana Grande’s new album Dangerous Woman shows the singer’s maturity.

Ellie Findell, RubicOnline Editor

Ariana Grande wants to be seen as a dangerous woman, not an intimidating girl. Her latest album, Dangerous Woman makes it clear that while she may have been a diva with a ponytail from her red-haired Nickelodeon days, Ariana Grande isn’t that person anymore. Dangerous Woman portrays the young singer as she explores her sexuality and long-term relationship with back up dancer turned boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez. While the album has an overall theme of sexual lust, electronic head rush hit “Into You” is a great song to dance along to. Even though the majority of tracks are upbeat and dance party themed, the formal title track “Moonlight” is a heart wrenching ballad and her bond theme audition “Leave me Lonely” featuring Macy Gray is a soulful ballad. Dangerous Woman is just another example of Ariana Grande being more than just a Nickelodeon character, but it’s example that illustrates the woman that she is becoming and how we all want to know that woman.