A Rocky idea, Creed proves to be a great success


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Rocky (played by Sylvester Stallone) trains Adonis(played by Michael B. Jordan. Director Ryan Coogler works hard to create a deep emotional connection between the two characters.

Jack Benson, Staff Writer

Finally Rocky gets the sequel it deserved. Creed is not the type of film to make some powerful social statement, but it is full of all the beloved elements of any sports movie. Creed is boxing movie about an underdog. This movie pulls off something extremely impressive. It turns an unoriginal plot, and a predictable ending into one of the best sports movies of all time. What really stands out is the director’s ability to make the audience connect emotionally with the characters.

Creed is set long after the events of Rocky. Creed focuses on the journey of Adonis Creed (played by Michael B. Jordan.). Adonis is the son of deceased boxing legend Apollo Creed. Adonis starts the movies as a teen, bouncing from juvie to foster care. The movie skips to his future where Adonis has become successful, but quits his job to become a professional boxer. Adonis moves to Philadelphia to seek help from retired boxing champion Rocky Balboa. Rocky, hesitant at first, eventually agrees to train him.

The actors and actresses in the movie do a spectacular job. The emotion they convey feel real and powerful. The characters are thrown into a gauntlet of challenges and difficult times. The actors/actresses really shined was before a big fight. The characters seemed vulnerable, with tangible feelings of fear and anxiety for the fight. Jordan’s performance feels very real when he portrays the dedication and ambition his character has. Stallone plays the part of an aging Rocky. Rocky, a great athlete, who could once take on the best boxers in the world, now has trouble climbing the stairs. Stallone portrays Rocky’s feeling of desperation so accurately it’s tear worthy.

This movie follows a similar plot to Rocky. It’s the story of an underdog who, against all odds, goes the distance. Training takes up a good part of this movie. It helps tell the story and shows how ambitious Adonis. His extreme dedication and struggle to achieve gives meaning to the final fight in the film’s ending. Seeing how hard Adonis worked to get there, made the anticipation unbearable. Without seeing how much rested on that fight, it would have been an emotional punch-fest. However, the movie shows how much Adonis and Rocky invested into to the fight, so when Adonis gets knocked down it’s easy to understand the strong emotions the characters have. Being emotionally attached to the character made these fights more intense and interesting.

The most important theme is that if you work and train hard enough, success comes naturally. At least 60% of this moving was training. The training was used as a storytelling device to show the relationship between Rocky and Adonis growing. It showed the incredible dedication that went into becoming great at something.

There is a lot of intense boxing scenes in this moving. It may be too violent for some people and for younger children. The MPAA rating for the moving is PG-13 for violence. This movie is definitely worth seeing even if you are not into boxing. To learn more more visit the movie’s website