Skills curriculum should be added to college prep

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Despite the possibilities of many differences in how students want to spend their life after high school, SPA chooses to prepare students for a four-year college path. Students are not explicitly taught how to do taxes, basic-food prep, how to smartly save money, or other skills that will help them through adulthood, even if they do not spend four years at college. Instead, they are taught how to solve complicated math equations that they will most likely never encounter unless they choose to.

Students go to basic school courses everyday throughout their four high school years; that is the standard. But after high school, four years at college shouldn’t be considered the standard because students want to take different life paths and have different careers that require a specific and varying amount of schooling. Having to pay expenses throughout adulthood is something that is a requirement for all students, so instead of preparing students for the same four year college experience that is expected but not mandatory, focus should not only be on math and history, but also basic living needs to prepare students for any type of life they choose. To acquire this knowledge, students can take courses outside of school or learn from family, but the four year college stereotype should respectfully be brought to the school’s attention.