• The distribution and signing party for the 2018 Ibid takes place May 30 in Lilly Courtyard. Bring a pen.

  • The Rubicon has been named an SNO Distinguished Site for the third year in a row.

  • Elections for class representatives will take place on Friday, 5/18

The Rubicon

  • STAFF EDITORIAL: Student elections lack representation and integrity
  • Polk will miss students’ curiosity in retirement
  • Nash reminisces on her growth after 33 years
  • [PHOTO GALLERY] Rising seniors don new t-shirts
AP exams administered May 7-18
Girls speech workshop promotes gender balance for future officer positions
18-19 Officers Elected
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“Stop for Me” law promotes safer streets
Infographic of the Week: Low voter turnout amongst young voters causes concern
Consider letting summer just be summer
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SPORTS PLAYLIST: Softball energized through refreshingly new songs
Future college athletes celebrated in final senior class meeting
Jake Me Out to the Ballgame: This is it
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Students express gratitude towards teachers
Beth Seibelhunt departs from science faculty after 13 years
Juniors look ahead to senior speeches
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[TV REVIEW] On My Block captures an audience of all ages
Wahmanholm wins 2018 Lindquist & Vennuum Prize for Poetry
Drake Gallery showcases work from Senior Art Seminar
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What to do about FOMO

Isabel Saavedra-Weis, Columnist • May 17


            Will Rinkoff, Columnist • May 20


Spring: Allergy Season

Ellie Nowakowski, Illustrator • May 15

Deadly marine heat waves have increased in duration and frequency

Sharee Roman, Guest Blogger • Apr 18

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School