• Senior speeches this week: Ben Carlsson, Michael Forsgren and Kaia Larsen

  • The US Winter One Acts will take place on Jan. 25 at 7 p.m. in Huss.

  • Assembly honoring MLK to take place in the Huss center on Jan. 24

The Rubicon

SoCLC encourages students to volunteer on MLK Day
Update to dress code bans baseball caps
Violence at U. S. / Mexico border spurs debate
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“Transform the jangling discords… into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.”
Fight for gender inclusivity in superhero films
[THE THIRD WAY] Emergency or farce?
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Golden age of group exercise boosts faculty and student fitness
SPA Girls Basketball defeats Breck in barn burner
[OVERTIME] Fans may watch pros for fame, but should watch school athletes for heart
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Winter essentials: A guide to surviving the cold
Science Alliance offers socialization while pursuing independent projects
[SPA HISTORY] Summit School: the beginnings, impact
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The history of Converse All Stars
Year in review: best songs of 2018
Winter student art gallery displays mid-year work
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