• The Upper School exchange students from France arrived on 2/15

  • The senior speeches for the week of 2/17 are Jeffrey Huang, Peter Moore, Jenny Sogin, and Will Swanson

The Rubicon

MN Legislators hope to ban hand-held phones while driving
Minnesota Women’s March results in low 2019 turnout
Assembly reflected on significance of MLK
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Verifying news sources vital to combating misinformation
[THE THIRD WAY] El Paso magnifies Trump’s anti-democratic impulses
Protests not enough to enact real progress
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Girls basketball takes win against Mounds Park
Athletics program lacks female head coaches
[OVERTIME] Don’t forget about JV sports
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The Power of Questions: Gabby Harmoning
Cheney describes his Pavlovian dog
Weighted blankets reduce stress, improve sleep
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Discount Candy Day: making the best of post-Valentine’s deals
[TRACK BREAKDOWN] ‘Thank U, Next’ showcases Ariana Grande’s growth
[MOVIE REVIEW] Shyamalan falls short once again with Glass
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