What song represents your high school experience?


Eliana Mann

MUSICAL MEMORIES. Members of the class of 2023 reflect on their time at SPA during their final days at school.

With the last day of classes for seniors underway and senior projects beginning next week, many students from the class of 2023 are feeling reflective and sentimental about their time at SPA. The high school years are some of the most transformative in a young person’s life, filled with new changes and adventures.

Music has the unique ability to connect these special moments from high school to song. Certain lyrics, rhythms, and melodies can bring back joyful memories. 12 seniors shared their own experience with the intersection between music and memory as they prepare to graduate twelfth grade.

Quenby Wilson, Song: Reject All American
“My song is Reject All American by Bikini Kill. This song, which I’ve loved all throughout high school, reminds me how, as I’ve grown up, I’ve grown further and further away from the dominant culture I am surrounded by. For me, this song represents how I have found space to occupy authentically in the world around me while still being critical of the myths that mainstream culture perpetuates.”

Simon Assefa, Song: King of the Galaxy
“The song is sung by BabyTron. In the song, he freestyles over a ton of random popular rap beats. I chose this song because it accurately represents how I prepared for the majority of my days from missing alarms, studying late for tests, and hanging out with friends. I just had to improvise most of my days and hope it worked out well.”

Cayenne Ramirez, Song: The Spins
“I would say The Spins by Mac Miller. I can’t say that the lyrics represent my high school experience, however, I associate this song with many of my fond memories. The music itself is so enjoyable and happy, and it always came on at times when I’ve been having the most fun. The song reminds me of hanging out with friends and letting go of responsibilities.”

Johnna Melk-Johnson, Song: Always Remember You

“I think that I would choose ‘Always Remember You’ by Miley Cyrus because I’m in a very sentimental mood as the year comes to a close and I will always remember the people I went to high school with and the things they did for me.”

Nathan Cohen, Song: Vienna

“I think the song that sums up my high school experience is ‘Vienna’ by Billy Joel because I ‘better cool it off before I burn it all out’ as he says in the song.”

Leona Barocas, Song: That’s My Kind of Night

“I would choose ‘That’s My Kind of Night’ by Luke Bryan because there is no better feeling than sitting in class writing an essay and listening to my country playlist to focus, it just puts me in a great mood, and it’s something I have done a lot throughout high school.”

Rio Cox, Song: The Recipe- Bonus Track

“This song just hits different, for real, that’s why I chose it.”

Lucy Murray, Song: We’re All In This Together (Graduation Mix)
“I would choose this song because we are all learning as we go through high school together and through that process we discover ourselves, and it all really shows that we are all in this together.”

Aaron Lindeman, Song: Super Rich Kids
“The song that represents my high school experience is Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean. This song describes my high school experience because it is about rich kids like myself and my friends, and is also about having fun in many different ways, which I did a lot throughout high school.”

Clea Gaïtas Sur, Song: Hard to Explain
“My song would be Hard to Explain by The Strokes. Here’s why: I think it is hard to sum up high school in something as concise as a song. I would say high school is hard to explain and also I’ve listened to The Strokes a lot throughout high school.”

Cooper Bollinger Danielson, Song: Baianá
“I think if I were to choose a song to represent my [high school] experience, it would be ‘Baianá’ by Bakermat. I think it represents playing soccer with my friends really well, both in school and out of school.”

Soren Miller, Song: See You Again
“I would say a song that has represented my high school experience is ‘See You Again’ (feat. Kali Uchis) by Tyler, The Creator. This song represents how, although our time together is short, the memories we’ve created will stay with us forever.”

Whether feeling nervous about their high school experience coming to a close or ready to embrace this next period of change, many members of the class of 2023 will remember their time at SPA every time they hear these songs.