Weirdly Obsessed


FAN OF SCI-FI: Senior Dev Kharbanda is known for his long-standing Star Wars obsession. (Nelson Wodarz)

Everyone has their own little weird obsessions, which can range from animals, TV shows, to sports, and hobbies. The SPA community has students stemming from all different backgrounds, making for a variety of interests.

Senior Dev Kharbanda’s weird obsession is Star Wars. Kharbanda’s obsession started at a young age when he first saw Star Wars and he has been hooked since. Kharbanda said, “I forgot about Star Wars for a year or two and then I sat down and watched the movies again. Since then I have never looked back.” Kharbanda proudly owns a multitude of Star Wars action figures and all of the movies. Kharbanda says that his Star Wars obsession is something that most people know about him here at SPA. Kharbanda’s Star Wars obsession shows people a lot about his personality and his love for sci-fi and the great memories that he has made through experiences related to the movie franchise.

Some students are interested in things of the past. Freshman Lucia Gonzalez’s obsession peaked in popularity in 2017. Gonzalez started making and playing with slime in 2019 after being introduced to the social media trend. Since then, Gonzalez has made and bought slime dozens of times. “It just smells so good, and it is so fun to feel and play with. A lot of people know I like slime and play with slime so I would say other people say it is my obsession.” Gonzalez’s love for slime shows her fun personality that likes to fidget sometimes.

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I grew up playing outside a lot and have always enjoyed nature, so I guess that is where my squirrel obsession is rooted.

— Lukas Schanno

Lucas Schanno loves squirrels, he loves them so much that he even has pictures of them flooding his camera roll. Schanno doesn’t really remember how this obsession exactly started, but he remembers listening to the song Faithfully by Journey and seeing roughly nine little squirrels running across the street. Schanno says, “I would consider myself obsessed with squirrels, I don’t think a ton of people here know that about me, but my friends do.” Schanno can connect his weird obsession to something he has always loved, nature. “I grew up playing outside a lot and have always enjoyed nature, so I guess that is where my squirrel obsession is rooted.”

Senior Cayenne Ramirez spends her time watching reality TV. Much like Gonzalaz’s obsession, Ramirez’s also started back in 2019 when Ramirez was introduced to the hit show Love Island. Ramirez is obsessed with reality television because of how entertaining and goofy the people are in the shows. “I watch it because my life is pretty chill and easygoing, so I get my drama through the form of television,” she said.

THROUGH THE SCREEN: Senior Cayenne Ramirez loves to watch reality TV for the drama. (Submitted by Cayenne Ramirez).

Some obsessions have more practical applications. Junior John Reinhart is obsessed with salary cap space in sports. Reinhart’s obsession started with playing video games such as Madden, NBA 2K, NHL, etc. Reinhart finds interest in this due to the fact that most people pay attention more to the athletes than the business side of professional sports. Reinhart says, “I would say I am more interested than obsessed, but you could call it that. I just keep it to myself for the most part.

Weird obsessions have a very wide range of topics and activities, especially within our own community here at SPA. People’s weird obsessions can tell us a lot about people and who they are. We all have a weird obsession that can get us through daily life.