Top five A&E stories of 2021

During yet another memorable year, Arts & Entertainment stories explored a variety of unique topics relating to pop culture, media, SPA art programs, and everything in between. From reviews of Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour and Monster energy drinks, to stories with student voices on topics like film, makeup, and food, A&E captured creativity and artistic expression in many forms. Here are our five favorite stories from 2021.

[ARTS OPINION] Astroworld tragedy exposes concert dangers, importance of safety precautions, Eliana Mann

Crystals: a beginner’s guide to the craze, Clara McKoy

[TV REVIEW] Squid Game sparks interest, becomes most-viewed Netflix show of all time, Tommy Verhey

[ART REVIEW] Garcia critiques lack of student diversity through art installation, Mimi Huelster

“Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” is nostalgic for old listeners, fresh for newcomers, Maren Ostrem (originally published in the May 2021 print edition)