Too smooth: how to make the best smoothie


Tommy Verhey

GOOD INGREDIENTS. When making a smoothie, it is important to focus on what tastes good and what creates a healthy, protein-rich drink. Things like yogurt, protein powder, and fruit can all help in making the perfect smoothie.

Smoothies have always been one of the greatest, most versatile beverages available. With thousands of possible ingredient combinations, each smoothie can have a distinct flavor and color.

While nearly every smoothie hits the spot, some top others. Nonetheless, to make the best possible smoothie, there are some ingredients and techniques that stand out.

First, it is always better to make smoothies with frozen fruit than fruit from the refrigerator. This creates a much better consistency than using ice, and it does not require adding more ingredients than necessary to each smoothie. Wyman’s is a company that sells large bags of frozen fruits, ranging from strawberries to curated mixtures. Wyman’s frozen fruit bags, or those similar, are available at nearly every major grocery or convenience store and are crucial in making a perfect smoothie.

Another aspect of a smoothie that can make or break its perfection is its thickness. Thicker smoothies are better for smoothie bowls, and a non-thick smoothie can be too watery, so it is best to find a middle ground. Blenders vary heavily, so it takes several test runs to determine how many ingredients to put into a smoothie and how long it should be blended. The goal is to make a smoothie that is slightly thick without chunks of frozen fruit in the bottom of the blender. Blendtec blenders, which range from $200-800, is one blender brand that receives consistently high reviews, but as long as the smoothie is blended to the desired thickness, any blender will do just fine.

In addition to achieving the desired thickness, specific unexpected ingredients like milk and yogurt are also critical factors in making the perfect smoothie. However, the most significant part is finding the right recipe. From the classic strawberry banana smoothie to kale, avocado and cucumber mixtures, smoothies can create many different tastes. There is no “right” smoothie recipe to follow, and it is important to try things out to find which ingredients are the best for you.

Another thing to change smoothies can be adding toppings. From whipped cream to oats, almost anything can be added to smoothies for an added flavor kick and satisfying texture. Smoothie bowls have recently gained more popularity across social media apps and are a great way to transform a smoothie from a drink into a meal. Adding extra fruit on top, seeds, flakes, granola or anything else transforms a smoothie to the next level and is worth trying either as an early-morning breakfast or a late-night snack.

Overall, smoothies are a fantastic drink with many combinations and personalization for consumers. It is far too difficult to pinpoint the perfect consistency or recipe, but millions of articles, TikTok videos and other online guides can help create the best smoothie ever – for each individual.