Theater students attend Broadway Student Summit 2014

Sophomores Anna Biggs, Maren Findlay, and Maggie Vlietstra pose for a picture at the Broadway Student Summit.

A group of SPA students with an interest in theater attended the Broadway Student Summit 2014, a weekend-long convention designed to connect high school theater buffs with actual Broadway performers, on the week of Feb. 15.

Students participated in a variety of workshops, all led by seasoned veterans of theatre. “The improv class was fun,” junior Evan Leduc said. “Improv is fun when it’s structured. No one knows what they’re doing—it teaches you to cover for people when they mess up their lines onstage.”

Along with improv, the summit also covers topics such as musical theatre, and “the road to Broadway,” designed to help up-and-coming performers.

“The audition process workshop wasn’t so great,” senior Emily Ross said, “But I enjoyed all of them. I particularly liked the dance workshop.”