The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

TRAFFIC JAM. The 10-minute passing period between the second block and early lunch/periods 3 and 7 early has been causing issues with the lunch line. In an attempt to help remedy the situation, the administration introduced a shifted schedule that shortens the passing period to five minutes.

Shifted schedule trial aimed to improve lunch experience

Claire Kim, co-Editor in Chief October 9, 2023
The 10-minute passing period has been temporarily shortened to five minutes for student convenience.
FACE TO FACE. Affinity groups are not only a good way to meet people that share the same identity, but also a good way to discover how different those people can be. Additionally, by engaging in a space where it’s not necessary to explain the nuances of identity, it’s possible to make connections based on a deep mutual understanding.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Affinity groups create safe spaces for inclusion and empowerment

The Rubicon Staff September 28, 2023
Celebrate a schedule that makes time for affinity group meetings.
Students do not want to lose what is working for them in the schedule and are hoping to keep aspects that have worked well in the past.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Get your voice in the schedule discussions

RubicOnline Staff October 19, 2022
Upper and middle school faculty are in conversation with administration about aligning the schedules. Students should play a part too.
Roberts announces 4-day week will begin Feb. 22

Roberts announces 4-day week will begin Feb. 22

News in Brief February 8, 2021
The new plans depend on the school's ability to sustain a low-risk environment on campus through the winter and spring.
SPA has already cycled through several different schedules since transitioning to online learning in March 2020. Each schedule seems to bring criticism for one reason or another whether it be too much screen time, not enough chances to talk to teachers, too much work, too much free time, etc.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Don’t complain; make the schedule work for you

RubicOnline Staff January 5, 2021
Rather than complaining about a schedule that can never be one size fits all, acknowledge the benefits of the connection and support offered in the schedule.
The 11-panelled depiction of a typical day in Assefas life while in distance learning.

[ILLUSTRATED INTERVIEW] Assefa: a day in the life

Lynn Reynolds, RubicOnline December 6, 2020
On this month's illustrated interview, check out a day in the life of senior Senai Assefa.
Teachers work relentlessly to make sure everything is getting across over Google Meets... the least students can do is to actively listen and stay focused.

Cut teachers slack; they’re the ones holding the rope

Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline September 18, 2020
Distance learning is difficult for teachers as well and students need to understand that.
Senior Bailey Donovan skis down a course. “I think it’s a really mentally tough sport, but also physically, it incorporates a lot, she said.

A day in the life: Donovan makes time for skiing

Melissa Nie, RubicOnline Editor December 14, 2018
An avid skier since age three, senior Bailey Donovan’s schedule during the ski season is a busy one.
Ms. Armstrong using her SPA provided planner. 
Photo Credits: Tana Ososki

Are SPA planners really worth it?

Tana Ososki, Interactive Storytelling Team December 13, 2018
With the availability of assignments on Veracross or other electronic planning tools, do students need printed planners anymore?
Mini-Ed: All-class days generate stress for both students and faculty

Mini-Ed: All-class days generate stress for both students and faculty

Eloise Duncan, The Rubicon Editor November 8, 2018
When activities call for a change in the day, let's find ways to keep the block schedule intact.
MS math teacher Jenny Borovsky sits at her desk surrounded by paper. The middle school has six classes in six periods so there is no wiggle room like there is in the upper school, Borovsky said.

Borovsky works magic to create schedules

Tommy Stolpestad, Staff Writer May 29, 2018
MS math teacher Jenny Borovsky explains the process of scheduling students and teachers in the middle and upper school.
Mia Litman documents Yom Kippur at her synagogue, Temple Israel, in Minneapolis, MN

For the first time, school closes for Yom Kippur

Webster Lehmann, RubicOnline Videographer October 12, 2016
School closed on Oct. 12 for the holiest day of the year in the Jewish tradition.
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