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Sweater weather brings out everyone’s cozy side

Georgia Ross
SWEATER WEATHER. Sweaters are a wardrobe staple for students and faculty alike, bringing coziness and style to any outfit.

It is always sweater weather in Minnesota, whether spring, fall, summer, or winter. Not only are they versatile, but different from their cotton competitors with armpit stains and moth holes. Sweaters hold their shape and last for generations.

Unlike most disposable clothing piling up in drawers, sweaters have a history and practice in many cultures. Norwegian sweaters have a distinguishable “lice” pattern of dots speckling the black background and a colorfully embroidered neckline with a silver clasp in the center. Cowichan Valley-styled sweaters from Vancouver Island are recognized with their colorful sheep’s wool and horizontal patterns lining the chest and sleeves. Aran sweaters are water-repellent and absorb 30% of their weight in water before feeling wet, which is no coincidence. On the coast of Ireland, Aran fishermen wore these breathable sweaters to identify their bodies in case of getting washed up on shore after an accident. Each stitch has a unique meaning, and symbolic fishing ropes and other objects are included across the sweater.

As fads fall in and out of mainstream trends, sweaters are a staple in today’s fashion. Their quality and history have persisted not just today, but for generations.

English teacher Jessica Gokhberg’s favorite sweater is their black fuzzy sweater they got from their Aunt 15 years ago. Gokhberg’s Aunt owns a European fashion boutique in Lower Town Saint Paul, and Gokhberg looks forward to her hand-me-downs. Gokhberg finds sweaters cozy, sustainable and durable. When they think of sweaters, they think of the notable SNL skit, “Sweater Weather.” “I love being cozy, I love their versatility, and I love how long they last,” Gokhberg said.

Junior Liza Thomas finds sweaters a staple in her wardrobe. Ones with stripes, hearts, muted colors and vibrant reds, Thomas has one of all. Thomas likes sweaters because “they’re as comfortable as sweatshirts are, but it looks like you’re trying a little bit harder,” she said.

[Sweaters are] as comfortable as sweatshirts are, but it looks like you’re trying a little bit harder.

— Liza Thomas

She regularly pairs sweaters with some jeans and jewelry to “elevate the sweater and dress it up a little,” Thomas said. Despite the heat, thrifting alongside her good friend in the summer of 2022, Thomas found her favorite sweater: warmly toned purple stripes and pastel pink lining the neckline.

With any turtleneck underneath and a pair of baggy cargo pants, Junior Belle Weng finishes the look with a sweater as the perfect top layer. Weng’s favorite sweater, which she is most proud of, is her hand-crocheted cardigan. The cardigan is a compilation of various pink patchwork and buttons down the center opening.

Despite the vibrant colors of her own handmade sweaters, Weng insists that “everyone needs a good neutral sweater, like a white or black like a brown,” she said. Like Thomas, Weng finds sweaters warm and cozy, and they are the perfect item to dress up any outfit.

Whether thrifting with friends, reuniting with a favorite aunt, or crocheting them as a creative outlet, sweaters bring connection, community and warmth.

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Georgia Ross
Georgia Ross, Chief Visual Editor
My name is Georgia Ross (she/her). I work as the Chief Visual Editor for The Rubicon. At school, I’m involved in HerSpace, Mishpacha, Music Club, the tennis team, and the Junior Class Leadership Council. I love to go backpacking with friends and family in my free time. I can be reached at [email protected].

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