Study, sleep, or watch anime: students prepare for exams in different ways


Peter Blanchfield

Junior Nik Elsaesser showcases his ” dress well to guess well” ritual.

Most teachers recommend studying and sleeping as the best way to prepare for exams, but students have their own rituals that truly get them in the zone. For junior Oscar Millerhaller this means watching anime before exams.

“I watch “Naruto Shippuden” to help me stay calm,” Millerhaller said.

Although exam traditions like watching a certain TV show or ordering a specific coffee drink can feel soothing, studying for exams is still a necessity. Exams can take many forms, ranging from a paper or book report to the traditional sit-down test to more unique formats like creating a movie. Good luck rituals and superstitions will only get students so far in preparing for these types of exams.

“I tried not studying for exams, but that hasn’t worked out,” junior Jack Herrmann said.

Studying for exams can take many different forms: some people like to study in large groups discussing questions and working problems out together, while other people prefer to do the exam prep by themselves in order to focus and work  at their own pace. While both these styles have their merits, individual students usually have one method that they return to a majority of the time.

“I usually make sheets for every test during the year, just on what the material is. Then at the end of the year I take all the sheets and look over them,” sophomore Mia Litman said.

Just like many people have a preferred way to study, most kids also have specific exam rituals.

On exam days I ‘dress well to guess well’ so that I do better on the test

— Nik Elsaesser

“During exams, I like to play sports. Exercise helps me destress. I also hang out with my friends,” 9th grader Tommy Stolpestad said.

Many students like to spend some time in between exams out at lunch, or just talking to their friends. Some also have superstitions about how to do well.

“On exam days I “dress well to guess well” so that I do better on the test,” junior Nik Elsaesser said.

While exams can be very nerve wracking, it is important to know that there are ways to manage the stress.

“When exams come around, I just find a place where I can be by myself. I am stressed enough so it doesn’t help to hear about other’s stress,” Litman said.

End of year tests are a daunting task for anyone to face, but that doesn’t mean that students they should be scared of them. Studying for exams will prepare a student mentally for the big test, but for some students it’s really the rituals that help them make it through the day.