REVIEW: Storks delivers humor and diversity


Warner Bros.

Storks provides its audience humor with underlying themes of diversity and acceptance. Fair Use Photo:

Based on the old story that parents told to their children, Storks is a new animated movie that features Storks who literally deliver children to the doorstep of parents. The children’s movie features the voices of Andy Samberg (Junior) and Katie Crown (Tulip). Although aimed towards kids, the movie’s sense of humor definitely seems geared towards an older crowd. Most of the jokes made are definitely more mature than the animation itself. Some characters are ridiculously funny, like the very odd tiny bird named Pigeon Toady, played by Stephen Kramer Glickman.

This movie is for the most part fast paced, other than a few moments that seem to drag on a little too long, and has a great soundtrack behind it, which enhances the animation as well as the story. The crystal clear animation gives the perfect feel to the cartoon movie, which helps to always lighten the tone. The movie ends with each baby in the different families arms, and although very subtle, viewers see parents of all sorts including LGBT couples and interracial couples. The movie does a great job of staying light hearted, while also getting a deeper message across to the audience.


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4 out of 5 stars