[SPOTIFY PLAYLIST] Students find music that embodies the Halloween spirit

Watching horror movies and other Halloween themed movies are a great way to get into the Halloween spirit, but they can be pretty time consuming. Listening to seasonal music is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween while working on homework or college applications. Halloween isn’t known for its music as much as other holidays, like Christmas, but there are still tons of great songs out there. Here are various Halloween favorites from St. Paul Academy’s students and teachers.

1) Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

“I first heard it in AHS Coven and it gives such good spooky witch vibes,” senior Sara Browne said.

2) Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett

“It’s a classic song that everyone knows and it just reminds me of dressing up,” senior Olivia Lagos said.

“It reminds me of my childhood,” senior Mimi Longe said.

“[Bobby Verhey] was singing it the other day and it got stuck in my head,” senior Michael Bagnoli said.

3) Spooky by Dusty Springfield

“Because it’s Dusty Springfield,” senior Addie Morisette said.

4) Thriller by Michael Jackson

“No explanation necessary. The video. Vincent Prince. The music, the rhythm, the dancing. It’s everything,” US theater director Eric Severson said.

5) The Time Warp by The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack

“There’s just something about that soundtrack and film that celebrates the freedom of dressing up and that’s such an integral part of Halloween,” Severson said.

6) Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“It always puts me in a really good mood and reminds me of Halloween,” senior Evan Reynolds said.

7) Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr

“I like Bill Murray,” senior Theo Moen said.

8) Disturbia by Rihanna

“I love Rihanna, and Disturbia has the best Halloween vibes,” junior Ellie Murphy said.

A link to the full playlist on Spotify can be found here.