Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app helps build healthy sleep habits


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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is easy to use. Just set the phone on the floor or a table near bed, so that the vibration analysis can add data throughout the night.

Spring break is approaching fast and catching up on sleep over the break may be on the agenda for many students; however, with Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, users can build a healthy sleep schedule and never need to catch up on sleep again.   It’s easy for many students to fall into sleep deprivation from staying up late on school nights and have a hard time gaining back a healthy sleep schedule, which is a vital part to teenager’s health.  A rocky sleep schedule can further impact performance and attitude in school and hinders student’s ability to learn at their very best.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock, a free app created by Northcube AB, is an app that analyzes the amount of sleep you get. The app uses vibration analysis to recognize certain sleep phases, a light sleep is the ideal time to wake up at to feel fully rested.  The app offers a statistics section that is automatically updated so users can compare their sleep schedule to previous the day or week, allowing an easier way to determine causes of a poor night’s sleep by finding what could’ve thrown the week off.  Users can customize the app:changing the alarm sound, choosing what phase of sleep to wake up at and entering an alarm to wake up at a certain time.  

The app is helpful for those who have the luxury of choosing when they can wake up and go to sleep. However, it’s hard for users that are high school students.  Most high school students would have a hard time getting accurate results daily, since they have to wake up at an earlier time than when they’re in their ideal sleep phase to wake up in. For weekends, when most students would have a chance to sleep in, this app would be very helpful and could give users a chance to restore their sleep schedule and fall out of sleep deprivation.

The app is also logically organized, making it easier to use and gives information in an interesting way by creating a graph of the sleep data analyzed from previous nights. There are additional features to the app that come at the cost of $0.17 each month for extras, including a sleep aid to help users fall asleep faster.  

The app is easy to use. Just set the phone on the floor or a table near bed, so that the vibration analysis can add data throughout the night.   Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is easy to use, figure out and personalize as well as being free of any noticeable glitches.  

Rating: 4.5/5 stars