REVIEW: Sworkit engages mind and body, minimizes stress

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The Sworkit app offers a varied array of focal points for a case-specific workout.

Time and money, there is not much of it, especially during the busy school year. But there is always a little time to squeeze in a quick workout during a homework break or right after a focused day of school. The brain needs a break from school work and stress, so allow the brain to improve and put the body to work. 

Sworkit is a great free app meant just for the overly stressed St. Paul Academy and Summit School student looking for a guided workout after an intense school day.  The app gives a choice of what kind of workouts are needed specifically for the person, it might be Overall Health & Wellness, Lose Weight, Build Muscle Mass, Tone Muscles. After selecting the specific workouts meant for the person working out, there are many different kinds of exercises that are all taught with quick 5 second videos. None of the exercises need a gym or weights, a yoga mat and the talking app is all that is needed. There are pre-made workouts that have a few of the exercises already chosen and the app talks, letting the person know what exercise to do and for how long.


Unfortunately, there is a premium version that has longer and better workouts meant for up to six weeks. But this app is perfect for a quick workout to get blood rushing and the body working after a hard day of school or even between two subjects of homework. The app provides quick videos for the technique to be perfected.

Sworkit is perfect for a quick workout to get blood rushing and the body working

There is always a day for some type of workout, it might full body, upper body, core strength, or lower body. Also if it is a lazy Sunday and the body does not have the energy to be getting stronger then there are stretching exercises that are meant to recover the tired body after a long week of school and hopefully a couple fantastic workouts on Sworkit.



4 out of 5 stars