REVIEW: Live action Beauty and the Beast refreshes timeless tale


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Beauty and the Beast adds intimacy with live action and maintains the magic with computer animations.

The newest film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast took the beloved 1991 classic, kept the good parts and made it timely. Colorful costumes, vibrant characters and a cast full of acting and singing talents made the movie not feel replaced, but refreshed. In addition to this revival of the classic tale, in its first weekend, the movie scored $170 million with ticket sales in North American movie theaters. The live action did not make the movie seem less playful but added an element of energy and a sense of intimacy with the main characters. There were messages of hope, strength and family importance strung through the two hours, while mixed with uplifting song and funny lines.

Colorful costumes, vibrant characters and a cast full of acting and singing talents

Although making the movie live action was taking the movie in a completely new direction, there were still elements of fantasy in the digitally animated talking objects, the Beast, the castle and the woods. The CGI was well done, and although it was slightly obvious next to real actors, the final product was done in an elegant and magical way.

The movie also spoke to current themes seen in media and communities. Great emphasis was put on the fact that Belle was independent, headstrong, smart and intelligent. The message of a girl who prefers books over marriage felt like a message that resurfaced at a good time. The movie was a sweet and heart-warming watch that especially touched hearts of those who were fans of the movie the first time around.



4 out of 5 stars