REVIEW: Ed Sheeran surprises fans with new singles

The cover of Ed Sheerans  newest album Divide, which will be released on Mar. 3, 2017.

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The cover of Ed Sheeran’s newest album “Divide,” which will be released on Mar. 3, 2017.

On Jan. 6 Ed Sheeran released two new singles that will appear on his upcoming album entitled Divide. Fans responded wildly to the songs instantly bringing them to the top charts.

The first single released was “Castle on the Hill.” In some of Sheeran’s past music, the feeling has been much calmer and intimate. But with his new single, Sheeran breaks out of that with huge vocals and an epic guitar line. The combination of guitar and vocals in the chorus makes for an ultimate dance and sing along song. The lyrics reflect on Sheeran’s childhood, and how he misses the simplicity of his younger days.

In his second single, “Shape of You,” Sheeran goes back to a similar style as he has shown before, with the guitar looping and repetitive drum line. The song has a little bit of a club song feeling, or rather meant for dancing.

Overall, the two songs definitely create excitement for what other directions Sheeran will take in his new music.



4 out of 5 stars