REVIEW: Dr. Strange ventures farther into the universe with “the greater good”



Dr. Strange searches for a cure to his recent hand injury. But his quest for self-healing turns into a fight for something bigger than himself.

For any Marvel fan, it’s well known that plenty superheroes have roamed the big screens, protecting Earth from villains. Dr. Strange switches up this war between good and evil, expanding the battle to different universes.

Dr. Strange is a world-class neurosurgeon who is known for his steady hands that seem to fix anything. When he gets into a car crash, his hands are severely damaged, causing the nerves in his hands to develop a shake. He is no longer able to perform surgery and he is convinced that his life is over. After countless surgeries that don’t help, he does the only thing left he can think of. He travels to Kathmandu to be spiritually healed. But his search for self-healing turns into a fight for something bigger than himself.

The effects that were used to make the other universes were incredible, and even more so if the movie is watched in 3D (if you are easily affected by motion sickness, this is not the 3D movie for you).

However, the plot is confusing. If a couple of lines are missed, the whole movie doesn’t make sense. The ending seemed a little unresolved, even if there will be more Dr. Strange movies. This movie could be watched by  most people, although it could be too confusing or violent for younger children.



4 out of 5 stars