Q&A with Tim who runs the Instagram “pi” meme page

Owner of the “pi” Instagram account which provides 2.5 million Instagrammers some of the most recent memes, Tim discusses his logic behind the account.

With 2.5 million followers currently, Tim’s meme page has become a profitable hobby.

Location: Bay Area, California

Grade: 12th, currently applying to colleges

Favorite food: Unagi

Favorite movie: Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior

Favorite books: Percy Jackson Series


When did memes first enter your life?

I actually started out with a one direction fan page since my cousin told me that it was a popular theme at the time (this was back in 2013). I created and reposted one direction memes on that account. It was an [embarrassing] time. I don’t want to include the username. I’ve transitioned through many different Instagram accounts throughout these past four years.


Was this your first meme page?

My first real meme page was @d0ges. It was just a lot of edits of the doge meme. It is now @doge.post, if you’d like to check it out. I sold it, though.


Do you frequently make memes?

I make about one meme a day. Its actually really hard to actually create funny content. Finding memes is a little less challenging.


How do you select your content?

Whatever makes me laugh. I go on Reddit, Tumblr, and twitter for content. I often repost from others’ Instagram pages.


How have memes and your account influenced you and your life?

People message me all the time telling me that “you brighten my day” or “you make me laugh, thank you”! It’s really a way to make other people’s lives just a tad bit better. Also, I make money from it!

Its actually really hard to actually create funny content. Finding memes is a little less challenging.


Why do you share memes?  

I share memes for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a fun hobby. Secondly, my Instagram account is worth a lot of money, so I maintain it. If I didn’t make money from Instagram, though, I’d still continue it. I also use it to promote my leftist and feminist ideologies.


Do your friends know that you run this page?

My friends do. Some of my school does. I try to hide it at my school, since people get all up in my face about it and ask me for shoutouts.


Do you think memes bring people together?

Memes can be both helpful and harmful, I think. Some memes perpetuate harmful stereotypes, others are wholesome and promote positivity. Most just serve to make people laugh. In some instances, memes are created within communities, from ethnic ones to your own school community. I think the beauty of the meme is just that it allows people to relate with each other, and this type of feeling can be shared.


Can memes be considered a significant element to society?

Memes are already a significant element to society. Before a meme was defined as a meme, they were just jokes that were repeated, but with certain twists. The meme right now is becoming sort of a standard to comedy with text accompanying a video or a photo. Every single comedic thing is now restructured into a meme.