[ALBUM REVIEW] Post Malone shows vulnerable side on Hollywood’s Bleeding


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Post Malone waits paciently as Album drops for excited fans. @postmalone

Post Malone’s new album ranges from singing about a failing relationship to rapping about how much money he has made as an artist. Titled, Hollywood’s Bleeding, the collection of songs remind Post Malone fans of why they started listening to him in the first place.

The first song, “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” is a perfect intro to the album’s melancholy tone. This title track explains the meaning behind the title: it posits that Hollywood is dying because of people Malone sees as vampires. Malone said in an interview with Spotify, “You gotta get out and take a step back and look at the whole situation and you realize that Hollywood itself is kind of dying.”

The fourth song “Allergic” starts out with a rock n’ roll vibe that soon turns lyrical and melodic as he explains how he fell back onto drugs as a way of dealing with a difficult breakup that left Malone an emotional wreck unable to comprehend his emotions. He doesn’t hide anything in this song. showing fans all sides of who he is and, in true Post Malone fashion, offers complete transparency about what kind of person is.

“Circles,” the sixth song on the album is also one of the most popular tracks. The lyrics show just how to open Malone is in his writing as he explains the difficulties of being in a relationship that is following a pattern with no change as it repeats. Malone is upset as he realizes this and questions what to do. The song has a vibe to it that is enjoyable for many situations; it has an uplifting beat, yet the lyrics lend a harder-hitting truth to the song.

Although it dropped last spring as a single, “Sunflower” from the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse remains a high-energy, a popular song. Post Malone with Swae Lee adds a pop style to this album with this hopeful and still confident piece of relaxing music.

Malone leaves the listener with the reminder that even though all of Post’s struggles he is still doing well and enjoys what he has.

Young Thug is featured on the fourteenth single, “Goodbye” with Malone singing about a very stressful and emotional point in his life that shows not only sadness but also anger. Post Malone sings with a lot of emotion on this track and shows how much this person that he is saying goodbye to means to him.

The album closes with “Wow.” In this track, Malone leaves the listener with the reminder that even though all of Post’s struggles he is still doing well and enjoys what he has. He is especially boastful in this song and shows that nothing can stop Post from reaching his goals.

Post Malone brings his listeners on an emotional rollercoaster in his most recent album and continues to express his emotions in a very free way listeners can relate to. He commonly hits on the themes of emotional instability as well as uncertainty in trust towards those around him. Hollywood’s Bleeding draws in Post Malone fans, new and old, and displays his raw talent.

Final rating: 4/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐