[PEOPLE AND PETS] Cat or dog person? Doesn’t matter. We all love our pets.

Melina Kannankutty
Sophomore Melina Kannankutty has three cats; Figaro, Toulouse, and Hershey. Kannankutty has had Figaro for eight years. Figaro is a ragdoll blue-tip and is the oldest cat of the three. Kannankutty recalls when Fig was about two or three “He was sitting on the windowsill and there was a squirrel outside that started moving towards the window, he got scared and backed up so far that he fell off the windowsill,” Kannankutty said. Her favorite thing about Figaro is that he is good at reading emotions and would always wait by the door to greet her when she gets home. “I really love him and I think he is a very special cat because he never really leaves me alone, he always wants to be near me and my family,” Kannankutty said.

Lela Tilney-Kaemmer
Junior Lela Tilney-Kaemmer has two dogs; one named Dunkin that is a mix between Bichon Frise and a poodle and the other one named Rosie that is a black lab mutt. She has had Dunkin for eight years and Rosie for five years. Dunkin was rescued by their dad when he went grocery shopping, “When he came back he asked me to help him carry the groceries out of the car. I go to the car and in the trunk, my dad bought a kennel and bed for Dunkin; he was staying.” Dunkin became a part of their family ever since.

Henry Batson
Junior Henry Batson has a mini Goldendoodle named Hershey. He has had Hershey for seven years. “He destroys dog toys very quickly and loves to steal socks from my room, while I’m at school,” Batson said. Hershey provides comfort and helps ease the stress of school.

Nadia Degnan
Sophomore Nadia Degnan has a dog named Phoebe and is a mix between a beagle and an Australian Shepard. Phoebe is a very energetic dog and likes to run a lot. She also likes to eat ice cubes. “One time she got a hold of a pair of my socks and she was running around with them in her mouth and she decided to go under my bed so I couldn’t get the socks. I closed the door and I had to get a stick and I lightly pushed her out from underneath my bed and I eventually got my socks back” said Degnan.