REVIEW: New iPhone 7 underwhelms users

Peter Blanchfield

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Karlis Dambrans

CALL ME MAYBE? New iPhone 7 disappoints users with its lack of new features. Flickr CC Photo:

Apple iPhones have been a staple of our society for many years now. Every September when the new version comes out, there are always longs lines to get it. But this year the fanfare was more negative than usual.

“I was expecting there to be more changes. It doesn’t seem all that different,” junior Oscar Millerhaller said.

The only major changes to the new iPhone were a new camera, which seems to happen every year, and the headphone jack was taken away.

“I just think it’s stupid that they would take away the headphone port,” Millerhaller said.

It is still possible to connect headphones into your iPhone, you now need to buy a converter cable which plugs into the charging port. Apple’s official reason for removing the headphone jack is that the subtraction helps allow the phone to be more waterproof.

Though some people dislike the new iPhone, there are plenty of people who think this version is a great next step in iPhone development.

“It’s a good phone, it’s more waterproof, it’s pretty and it’s stylish,” junior Jak Kinsella said.

The new phone is certainly stylish, but it is not any thinner than the previous model, and it is only slightly lighter. Overall this new iPhone has a few new features, but essentially it is a re-release of the iPhone 6s. Senior Ewan Lang sums up the new model as being useless.

“It is a big waste of money,” Lang said.

Rating: 3/5