Locker room time keeps hockey girls United


@therubiconspa on Twitter: Peter Blanchfield

ROAD TO STATE. United Girls Hockey played Tartan on Nov. 15 in their second game of their season. They won 4-3.

Whether on or off the ice, United Girls Hockey has many rituals that keep spirits high during games or practices.

“We always get to practice early and hang out in the locker rooms,” returning junior Kenzie Kasprowicz-Giese said.

“We listen to music, do homework together, and we also have a tv in our locker room so we sometimes watch shows or music videos,” she said.

Although the team has fun in their locker room, most of their rituals occur in the moments getting on or off the ice at games.

“When we come off after warm ups when they are resurfacing the ice, we have a designated person go around and write an acronym on everyone’s wrists like ‘RTS’ for ‘Road To State,’ so we have that to think about during the game,” Kasprowicz Giese said.

Plus, “We always have a song playing,” Kasprowicz Giese said.

[In Print] This story is reprinted from The Rubicon print edition: Nov 21, 2017