REVIEW: Lady Gaga gives fans a “Million Reasons” to love Joanne


The album cover from Lady Gaga’s newest solo album; Joanne. Fair Use Photo: Lady Gaga Official

About a month after releasing her new single Perfect Illusion, Lady Gaga released the full album entitled Joanne on Oct. 21. This is Gaga’s first solo album since 2013 when she released ARTPOP. The new album includes 11 regular tracks and 14 tracks on the deluxe version. Filled with soulful songs, Gaga pours her heart into every song in this album. Gaga has been known in the past for a more robotic pop sound, but her new album shows off her beautiful singing voice in different ways. Although the songs maybe don’t connect together very well, each has its own sound or style, ranging from surfer to country, giving the listener a well-rounded musical experience.

The album has a strong start with her song, “Diamond Heart,” which has a great drum line and catchy chorus making the song fun and easy to listen to. The best part of this song, though, is how well it shows off Gaga’s huge voice. Each note is hit with intention, power, and feeling.

The next standout track is “A-YO,” which is the second song on the album. From the guitar line, it is obvious that the song has a surfer influence, which hides under its the pop sounds. This may also be the best dance track on the album, with an awesome drum line that makes you want to move.

The third hit song on this album is track 10, called “Hey Girl,” which features Florence Welch from Florence and the Machines. The song starts out with a classic 80’s synth pop line that sounds similar to “Benny and the Jets” by Elton John. Welch and Gaga’s voices sound perfect together, making a really cool contrast that helps make the song unique.

Other hits include “Million Reasons,” “Come To Mama,” and “Just Another Day.”

Through her new album, Gaga proves herself as a pop icon by showing off her spectacular vocals. Hopefully, Gaga will show off her stuff when she performs during the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl LI. 



5 out of 5 stars