In Between Light and Dark: juniors in Advanced Art Seminar host show

Juniors in the Advanced Art Seminar show off their work with ceramics, paint, photography and more in “In Between Light and Dark” a gallery exhibit that opened May 17. Carys Hardy, Jane Higgins, Mikkel Rawdon, Griffin Schwab-Mahoney, Clare Kimmel, Siri Pattinson and Dash Horstman set up their art in the Drake gallery along with their artist statements for their first ever Junior-only art show.
Hardy created a short film (the only film featured in the gallery) running on loop in a separate, dark alcove. The separation creates a movie theater atmosphere while blocking the window light. Two chairs were placed in front of the screen while the sound softly played from a pair of headphones hanging off the wall.

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The darkness is the feeling of hopelessness in winter and the light is spring

— Carys Hardy

The film includes actors Violet Benson and Maren Overgaard. Benson plays a character representing seasonal depression and Overgaard is a personification of spring to lift Benson’s spirits.

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[The pieces] aren’t obviously self portraits because of the very specific type of lighting from the street.

— Dash Horstman

Hosrtman combatted their unease with self portraits by using darkness to hide themselves in photographs. The three photos in the gallery were taken in a nearby park during the dark of winter.

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I wanted to encourage the viewers to examine change and the spaces that you live in

— Jane Higgins

Higgins wanted to show ambiguous change through her paintings. A set of two paintings shows Higgins’ bathroom at different stages in her life while another painting details her room in disarray.

The theme “In Between Light and Dark” was up to the interpretation of the student artist, so many of the pieces took on different forms and meanings (spring and seasonal depression, change in personal spaces, and using physical light and darkness in photographs). Students were allowed to use the materials provided for them in the art wing and any tools they had at home to complete the assignment.
The art show runs through June 2 in the Drake Gallery, which is open during school hours. Admission is free.