GVB beats Harding for senior night

Girls varsity basketball played Harding High School for their senior night game last Thursday. The game honored six seniors; Erin Mcnamer, Iya Abdulkarim, Kelly Fiedler, Izzy Denny, Hannah Scott, and Emily Carter. The levels of experience on the team range from Mcnamer, who started in Middle School and Fiedler, who only started playing varsity full time this year.

The student section was noticeably fuller than at previous game.

It was our biggest student section that we’ve ever had. That was pretty cool

— Senior Emily Carter

“It was our biggest student section that we’ve ever had. That was pretty cool” said Carter.

The seniors led the crowd in Sweet Caroline, a Spartan chant, booing of Harding, small ocean skits, a lightening game, and other sporty activities.

SPA beat Harding 58-48 with stand out performances and numerous three pointers from 7th grader Kennedy Herndon, Carter, and Mcnamer. Denny was on the bench with a leg injury but she made up for the absence by being the team’s cheerleader.

The first half of the game saw Harding in the lead with a consistent 5 point lead over SPA but then something changed in the second half. Herndon was put on the court full time, the girls started playing as a team, and the crowd screamed as if they had already won. Senior Iya Abdulkarim got her first point on varsity during senior night when the pressure was building at the end of the game. Sections start this week with the first game on