[GAME REVIEW] Throwback to Rocket League, the game that never gets old

Psyonix’s Rocket League offers a unique skill-based game with few flaws

What’s not to enjoy about Rocket League? It’s a child’s dream. Driving around a variety of different cars and scoring goals after goals, is simply put, an exciting concept. With over 10 million copies sold and completely free to play on a variety of different consoles and computers, Rocket League is a game many have come to love.

What makes a video game special are a few concepts. Perhaps the most important is great gameplay. Rocket League lets its player base completely control its gameplay. In a small boxed field, there are limitless possibilities on what cool trick can be pulled off. Countless game modes, custom maps, competitive and casual games, and more, are what make the game special. Many gamers who have been playing the game since release still enjoy it today.

A runner-up to gameplay is player controls. With Rocket League, it’s possible to control every aspect of the game. They can switch the keybinds of their controller, the sensitivity of their touch, the camera angle of their car, and much more. Rocket League truly allows for one of the most player-controlled games out there.

The game also has a large community. From beginners to professional Esport players, to free stylists, Rocket League will have a level of playing for anyone. The game also includes many different rankings. Players can play against other players of their level, to make the game the most enjoyable.

Another important aspect of a game is its presentation, and Rocket League never fails to perform. Rocket League allows personalizing cars, including a variety of different engine sounds, toppers, player banners, flags, wheels, decals, car bodies, and much, much more. There are enough possibilities for each player to have a completely different car. Along with car decoration, the game’s fourteen different arenas are each subtle but are all expertly designed and pleasing to look at.

Rocket League lets its player base completely control its gameplay.

Lastly, Rocket League is truly one of a kind. Nowhere else is there a game where you can drive around cars and hit a giant ball. Many games fall under a certain category, but Rocket League has a new and captivating concept that has never been countered before.

On the negation, Rocket League hasn’t exactly changed since its original release date on June 7, almost 6 years ago. The game needs to add some new elements if it wants to continue to entertain its large player base. The game is quite repetitive because people aren’t exactly using any other aspects of the game besides competitive or ranked games. Playing the same game over and over again does get boring, and Rocket League needs to bring forward exciting new concepts.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. Rocket League is a great game overall, and the repetitiveness doesn’t take away from how fun of a game it is.

Rating: ★★★★

Game Rating: E for Everyone

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