For Glisczinski biking is more then exercise, it’s a lifestyle


Submitted photo from Glisczinski

With spring arriving Glisczinski peddles hard to blaze through the trail near his house.

Getting active ranges from walking up the stairs to running a marathon, and it benefits the body and mind. Getting active and getting outside is very beneficial to the body. Moving elevates the heart rate and adds oxygen to the brain, which takes oxygen and helps humans think effectively. The most important thing about getting active is to prioritize taking care of the physical and the mental aspects to overall improve a person’s health. Teachers stay active throughout their weeks along with balancing their work life.

Daniel Glisczinski teaches Speculative Fiction and grew up riding bikes in the Midwest. His university was located in a woodsy area and he spent his time biking the trails, after he graduated the activity eventually became a way for him to keep active. He exercises by completing everyday chores such as washing dishes or running up the stairs to grab something. A formal way he gets active is by biking on trails, he picks up the trash and has also built a trail that sheds rain to help it not become eroded.

I don’t think I fill my gas tank on my vehicle more than three times a year.

— Daniel Glisczinski

He incorporates exercise by using his bike to go on his daily commute to work. Biking is a way to be environmentally friendly, Glisczinkski said, “I don’t think I fill my gas tank on my vehicle more than three times a year.”
Glisczinski loves to participate in bike races for endurance and speed. This month he partook in a 100-mile bike ride with his college friends and afterward went out to eat. He collects bikes for racing, and everyday use and enjoys utilizing the time to plan his next race.

For Glisczinski getting active is half about the social aspect of maintaining connections and half about the exercise he gets. Finding something that he enjoys is the main priority for him as also to strengthen relationships with his family. He uses the exercise to persuade the rest of his family to partake in activities with him and they have later incorporated the activities into their daily lives promoting a healthier lifestyle. Glisczinski said, “I would get texts from then saying ‘Hey Dad I’m buying a new skateboard will you make it?’ and I would say ‘Well of course I will.” He spends time with his family as they try out new activities and appreciates the built-in time he can bond with them.