Filters? Selfies? Themes? @theparisianchique’s guide to an aesthetically-pleasing Instagram


From @theparisianchique Instagram

@theparisianchique posts photos for aesthetically pleasing viewing.

For most, Instagram is a series of captured moments of their life: friends, birthday parties, beach vacations, family dinners, etc. This results in a scrapbook-like layout, and a somewhat chaotic mix of colors and shapes on Instagram feeds. But hey, life is a chaotic mix of colors and shapes.

Some, however, take the three by three grid of Instagram as an artistic medium. Aesthetic takes priority, and a theme is born. One anonymous Instagram user, found under the handle @theparisianchique, has perfected an aesthetically pleasing, color-coordinated, and thoughtfully posted page. They see Instagram as a “modern day art gallery”, and have dedicated their page to the simplistic and classy French style and lifestyle.

What is your posting process?

First, I gather multiple photos that fit the current theme or vibe I have going on my feed. Then I organize them all so it’s not repetitive, like five selfies in a row. Finally, I write a quick, easy caption and the hashtag #theparisianchique. When I first started [the account], I used to filter all the photos, but with time, I realized it brought down the quality of the photos. Now, I prefer no filter unless the owner already put one on. It’s much more raw and natural.

How do you transition from different themes, like a lighter one to a darker one?

I actually have transitional photos! The photos are usually pretty plain, and used as “fillers” to help the transition. It would clash for me to post a winter outfit, and then a summer outfit, so the transition are important.

Rather than posting about your life, you post about a collective lifestyle. Where do you get your photos?

From my personal tumblr, pinterest, and the creative minds of Instagram girls.

What is the overarching theme of your account?

My main theme is fashion, but I don’t like my feed to be only a constant flow of outfits, because lifestyle is just as important and dreamy as the outfit. A great outfit is the style, but a cup of coffee at Cafe de Flore in France is the lifestyle. They go hand in hand.

Why choose Parisian lifestyle specifically?

From @theparisianchique Instagram

I dedicated [my account] to the Parisian style because I love the simplicity of it. Most streetstyle today is exuberant clothing, but Parisian clothing is classic. I love when women wear the clothing and the clothing doesn’t wear her.

It feels as though Instagram can be used to do just about anything. What is Instagram to you?

Instagram, to me, is a modern day art gallery. It’s about making a collage of desire.

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