[EVENT REVIEW] Jibba’s House Fashion Swap worth the price of admission


Timmy Wozniak/@jibbaco on instagram

On the Instagram post, one attended wrote, “Great time! Thanks for the mini sesh.”

Timmy Wozniak owns a small shop on Grand Ave named Jibba where customers can sell him limited sneakers and clothing or put them on a consignment deal. Wozniak has a large space in the back of his shop that has a small skate ramp and gaming center where he can organize a small convention for these items. Jibba Co. advertised on social media and offered tables for any vendors who were interested at the rate of $50 per table, and admission for any customer was $5. On Apr. 13, 15 vendors set up their tables, and at noon the doors opened.

As well as a DJ there were a lot of vendors including a Key Master arcade game filled with sneakers, a skateboarding area, vintage clothing vendors, a food truck serving Korean food, an art vendor and limited sneaker and streetwear vendors. At the beginning, $50 seemed like a lot of money for a table as not many customers showed up, but around 4 p. m. a few began to trickle in and vendors were beginning to make some sales.

Many customers were pleased with the outcome of the event with a variety of vendors and activities and found the $5 admission fee very reasonable for the large venue and the wonderful experience. Around 5 p.m. more people began to come in and the venue became a bit more crowded, much to the vendors’ satisfaction.

However, there were still a few cons.

The space was very large and there was a heater on one side of the venue causing it to be warm on that side but a bit chilly on the other; still, the venue was no doubt an amazing place with many activities but could have used a bit more lighting and customers.

Overall it was a great event that encouraged a wide age range of customers to drop in and buy a few pieces whether they were looking to buy clothing, food, sneakers or art.

Jibba’s House is open 12-7 every day at 1326B Grand Avenue in Saint Paul.