[ESCAPE ROOM REVIEW] PuzzleWorks offers an amazing experience

PuzzleWorks is a small business located in the Vandalia building in St. Paul Minnesota, the second you walk in you see beautiful artwork and murals surrounding the building. Once we were in PuzzleWorks waiting room they had set up smaller puzzles for us to solve while we waited for the group before us to escape their puzzle room. These small puzzles were much harder than they looked and made the waiting time very enjoyable. To go into an escape room you have to make an appointment online where you will be able to choose between three escape rooms; Loose Sleuth, The Vault, and The Hospital, for sixty minutes. Annie Bottern, Anna Nowakowski, Leni Nowakowski, Ellie Nowakowski and I were able to solve and review “The Vault.”

The vault immerses you into the mind and body of a burglar searching for a secret ring locked behind a vault in the national bank. To get it out you will have to follow a series of clues to unlock the vault, get the ring, and quickly get out, all in sixty minutes. Overall we had an amazing experience. I have been to two other escape rooms and this was by far my favorite. They went above and beyond with the clues, making them difficult enough for us to struggle but interesting enough that we wanted to keep going. In the end my group solved the puzzle in 52 minutes and 45 seconds, because of this we were able to write our names on the wall and join the many others who have escaped this room.