REVIEW: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas win over crowd with killer vocals

Jonah Harrison

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Jonah Harrison

Demi Lovato enters the stage while her new hit song “Confident” begins to play.


Fans flooded into the Grandstand Arena at the Minnesota State Fair Aug 31 waiting to see Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato live in concert. While fans found their seats, the opening act started. Mike Posner, who became very popular in 2009 for his hit song “Cooler Than Me,” sang a few songs of his own to warm up the crowd. Although the songs themselves were not particularly amazing, Posner had a great stage presence that got the fans excited. He ended with the hit song and then left the stage. About thirty to forty five minutes later, Nick Jonas stepped onto the stage and the only sound heard was of screaming fans.

He began his set list with “Levels”, one of his singles from 2015. Jonas had a great energy that got everyone in the stadium moving. As he danced up on the stage, so did everyone on the ground. His songs went by quickly, and as he got towards the end of his time on stage , Jonas said something about Lovato coming out on stage soon, and the crowd went wild. A highlight of his time was definitely a song from back when he was part of Nick Jonas and the Administration. The song called “Who I Am” featured his great voice and an awesome guitar line. Although this song was completely different from every other, it outshined the rest, maybe proving that he should move back towards the laid-back pop style. He did a few more songs and then ended with his hit “Jealous.” Everyone sang along with him as he showed off his strong falsetto. Although Jonas was leading the song, the two back up singers also were able to show off their killer belts. Jonas then thanked the crowd and ran offstage.

After another ten minutes, the stage went dark and Demi Lovato took the stage with frequent flashes of light with her song “Confident” beginning to play. The lights finally came up and the screams were the loudest they had been all night. Lovato’s vocals at first were a little shaky, but she soon warmed up to the stage and brought her all to every song she sang. Lovato’s next song was probably one of the best of the entire night. She sang “Heart Attack” from her self titled album “Demi.” The song features some very high notes that Lovato belted with ease. This song proved her to be an incredible singer. Although Lovato is not a dancer, she moved in a non awkward way without the help of professionals doing the work for her. Each of her songs passed by quickly and she finally stopped for a moment to give a little speech. Lovato spoke about her struggle with mental health and how so many people struggle. She spoke about how we as a society need to get rid of the stigma around mental health disorders and figure out ways to help each other. She then sang a song from her 2011 album called “Skyscraper.” This emotional song brought everyone’s flashlights out and waving in the air. After the emotional moment that connected the fans and Lovato, she ended the concert with one of her most well known songs “Cool for the Summer.” Lovato showed of her confidence and strutted the stage while getting everyone singing with her. Lovato ended by waving and thanking the crowd. As she left the stage, the nightly fireworks went off, making the perfect ending to a great concert.