Dance team now open to all


Mimi Geller

SPA and Minnehaha Academy’s joint 2017-2018 dance team.

The Minnesota State High School League has officially changed their policies to allow boys to participate in competitive dance. The decision came after two boys from Roseville and Hopkins challenged the rule. A memo sent out to athletic directors said that boys are now eligible to join dance teams if they can make it past tryouts.

“For me, it was a no brainer that we would let boys join the dance team, and we’re actually going to put a thing out in the parent’s newsletter letting male identifying students know that they could be on the dance team. We’re in a co-op with Minnehaha, and we have pretty good numbers but I would love to have more numbers in the dance program,” Director of Athletics Dawn Wickstrum said.

The rule was changed because it violated the 14th Amendment and relies on outdated stereotypes: “We’ll see what happens if we can get any boys. With Minnehaha’s new construction, they’re building a new dance studio which will be awesome for our boys and girls,” Wickstrum said.