Dance team hopes to rejuvenate with new coach and new members


Calla Saunders (submitted)

The Upper School Girls Dance team, led by senior captains Jessica Wen and Cynthia Zheng, practices for the season. “We’re going to try to build a bigger team this year,” sophomore Calla Saunders said.

“We want to create an atmosphere that people want to be a part of,” sophomore Calla Saunders said. St. Paul Academy’s Girls Dance team has had a rocky few years due to coaches leaving and the small numbers of dancers. This year has promise to be different.

Jessica Maxa will be coaching the team this year, and her style is one the team hasn’t seen before. “Jessica incorporates a lot more of the team’s ideas into the dance as far as songs and choreography,” Saunders said. “[She] does a lot of conditioning with us, so I think we will score better this year.”

The team is composed of three returning dancers and a few new girls. As the season has just started, the team is still hoping for more people to join. “We’re going to try to build a bigger team this year,” Saunders said. Previous dance experience is not necessary to join the team, only a sense of excitement and motivation. “It’s a great way to build your self-confidence and get regular exercise,” Saunders said.