The Current (Events): Evaluating Trumps’ Swamp


Donald Trump’s presidency oozes strange and unexpected occurrences. Love em or hate em, you have to admit there hasn’t been a president like him. Trump hasn’t drained the swamp, but the swamp sure has gotten more bizarre. I wasn’t that interested in lumping my opinion on Trump into the gooey mass of articles that already dissect his life. But I just can’t get the crazy bog monster (in the nicest way possible) out of my head. From the relatively “harmless” incidents like claiming John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he got captured to the more worrisome incidents like allegedly disclosing highly classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister, Trump’s presidency has been a tidal wave of odd information.

Trump hasn’t drained the swamp, but the swamp sure has gotten more bizarre.

The howls and squeaks that come from deep in the swamp have not gone unnoticed by concerned neighbors. 23 countries of the European Union, for example, have made a deal to integrate their armies. The European Union has been discussing the possibility of a common defense for 70 years. It was only when the swamp started spewing bog water toward the likes of North Korea and Russia did they finally agree to coalesce their defenses.

In October, a Canadian man after being rescued from the Taliban, couldn’t believe that Trump became the president. It’s common to feel the same way. While our president is off exploring the depths of the swamp, the people of the United States will continue to watch with cautious interest. Angela Merkel, in a response to Russian meddling and Trump’s America, said, “We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.” Citizens of the United States may want to do the same.