Colossal Cafe proves affordable and delectable


Ellie Findell

Customers can enjoy Colossal’s made-from-scratch menu at tables or counter.

The familiar ding sounds as another person walks into the sugar sweet aroma filled Colossal Cafe on the corner of Hamline and Grand. On a Sunday morning at 11:30, this jam-packed restaurant is bursting with excitement and laughter as customers stare longingly at another plate of food being whisked by that isn’t theirs. The location on Grand avenue is the newest, with the other two Colossal Cafe’s being found in Downtown Minneapolis and Como Park. Although the Cafe is full to the brim with customers, the staff makes sure to find you a table in their homey atmosphere as quickly as possible, even giving you a beverage such as a Mocha latte from their full-service espresso bar as you wait.

The Colossal Cafe has a few specialties, although the countless reviews prove that almost everything is good. Their famous “flappers,” commonly known as pancakes, are very popular, especially the apple, walnut, and brie flappers, which bring a cozy flavor from the combination of honey-brown sugar syrup and baked apples. The brie brings a surprising yet savory finish to the flappers and the heavenly cheese slowly soaks into the light yet cakey pancakes. For those looking for a bit more protein, the frittata, filled to the brim with artichokes, spinach, Green Onion, and feta cheese with a side of homemade bread, proves delectable yet heart-healthy, made up of energy boosting ingredients. These are just two of the countless options that the cafe provides. Other offerings include the Fried Egg, prosciutto, sun dried tomato and swiss breakfast sandwich and the mouth watering baked goods that greet you at the door.

The Colossal Cafe isn’t just for one type of person. The first thing one notices walking into the brightly lit, wood walled cafe is the range of people, from sorority girls to post-workout athletes to elderly couples. The same goes for the food. Although their more adventurous items are to die for, those who crave simpler choices can choose things like mac and cheese, a burger, or traditional eggs and toast. Another thing that distinguishes this cafe is its affordability. With a stack of flappers and the breakfast sandwich both coming in at six dollars, the Colossal Cafe is sure to not break your budget. Check out their Facebook page or website to see the daily specials and latest news on the Colossal Cafe.