Chants keep Spartan Girls Basketball energized


Submitted Photo: Annie Kristal

WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. After warm ups, Girls Varsity Basketball uses tradition to feel unified. “When we are on the court right before the game starts, we get in a huddle and we chant,” sophomore Audrey Egly said.

For the Girls Varsity Basketball team, happiness and bonding are central to what makes the team unique, and the captains have already begun their planning ways to keep the team positive and bonded.

Captain Erin McNamer cares about getting to know new players.

“The captains really try to listen to everyone and make sure each member of the team has a voice,” she said.

“We plan a lot of get togethers outside of school, so it isn’t just like we hang out during practice and games,” sophomore Audrey Egly said. “When we are on the court right before the game starts, we get in a huddle and we chant the basketball chant from High School Musical,” she said.

In addition to this, the team does the gigolo dance before the game.

One of Egly’s favorite traditions is the chant that the team says right before going on the court for a game.

“So the chant started with just ‘state, state, state,’ because that’s always our goal, but then someone brought gushers to a game and we added that, and now, every year we add a new word or saying to the chant and it’s really funny,” Egly said.

[In Print] This story is reprinted from The Rubicon print edition: Nov 21, 2017