Bruise Violet blends individually composed songs in new album


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Bruise Violet’s new album, Trophy Wife, has five new tracks.

The high-energy, straightforward local band Bruise Violet released their new album, Trophy Wife, on Apr. 5. The songs range from loud, warning-like songs like “Gutter Boy,” to creepier songs, like “Teacher.”

Although this is their second album, the band doesn’t write albums with a theme threaded through it, rather, they put together a collection of songs that they either wrote as a group or one of the band members wrote individually.

“Usually, one of us will bring in a song and teach it to the rest of the group,” senior Emily Schoonover said. For this album, two of the tracks are written by Schoonover.

Usually, one of us will bring in a song and teach it to the rest of the group

— senior Emily Schoonover

“I wrote, ‘Teacher’ and ‘Talk Sh*t Get Hit‘,” Schoonver said.

The reason for making a new album was purely out of having the place and time to record.

“Our drummer’s mom booked us some studio time, like ‘you guys have to record eventually, so just do it now’,” Schoonver said.

Although the band hopes to stay together once two of their members’ graduate and go to college, there are still questions up in the air as to whether they will still be able to make music together.

“We’re not totally sure, because I’m not sure where I’m going to college,” Schoonover said.

Their album is available on their website.