[BEHIND THE SCENES] SMB Wolfpack turns team bonding into wins


Zekiah Juliusson

Senior captain Tommy Stoplestad prepares for a play.

Zekiah Juliusson, RubicOnline

Every team has a unique team culture and SMB WolfPack is no exception. After a 20-3 win against Mound Westonka on Friday they continued to celebrate an undefeated run on their road to state.

But there is much more to Wolfpack than an unbeaten record. Part of the team’s success can be attributed to their bonding and pre-game rituals.

Before their games the majority of the team meets at Potbelly. 

“I personally get a big pizza sandwich on regular bread,” sophomore wide receiver Judah Thomas said.

After their pre-game meal, Wolfpack meets up for the bus ride to Blake. During this ride they listen to songs like Africa by Toto and Rolex by Ayo and Teo to get them into the game-day mindset. Next they meet in the locker room. Here, the pre-game mentality sets in and Wolfpack builds up the mindset that they will win every game. After getting dressed, the team takes the field to the cheers of their fans. 

The first quarter ends with a score of 7-3. 

“This is the hardest quarter of football we have had this season,” sophomore offensive lineman Mason Brooks said. After every quarter the team runs into the gym to warm up before returning to the snowy field. As the game continues the fans and players fight through the cold to lead the team to a victory.

There is absolutely no tension between the schools. In fact, [the co-op] may bring us together, even more”

— Sophomore wide receiver Judah Thomas

“After the game we talk to people that stayed all the way through to the end and take pictures then go back to the locker room to blast music and celebrate. The bus rides home are also full of energy,” Thomas said. 

Wolfpack strives to have a supportive and fun culture. The players critique teammates to help them improve.

“We are all friends,” Brooks said, “…in the summer working out we all became close.”

Although the team is formed from 3 different schools Thomas doesn’t think it hurts the culture.

“There is absolutely no tension between the schools. In fact, [the co-op] may bring us together, even more,” he said. 

Wolfpack plays next on Nov. 1 against Benilde St. Margaret’s. The game will be at Benilde.