[PRODUCT REVIEW] Air Jordans: are all-star shoes worth the all-star price?


Lucy Thomas

Air Jordan 1 Mid University in Black and White.

Air Jordans, designed by Nike, have grabbed consumers’ attention worldwide since 1985. They were designed by Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore. The basketball shoes were exclusively made for Michael Jordan, a hall of fame former Chicago Bulls player, in late 1984. Air Jordan’s were then released to the public on Apr. 1, 1985.

From the iconic Jumpman silhouette to the variety of unique styles, Air Jordans have earned the title from the Business Insider of being “one of the most influential sneakers in history.”

The shoes represent an inspiring pursuit: Michael Jordan’s career.

This title is well-deserved, considering the superior quality of Air Jordans. The shoes are made of luxury materials to sustain the brand’s first-rate products. Full-grain calfskin, a material used in the shoes, ensures the sneakers maintain their shape due to the tightly interwoven fiber structure. At the same time, premium leather uppers guarantee comfort by supporting one’s feet and granting breathability by letting air pass through the material. The basketball shoes are labeled as a high-quality performance product. Due to the excellent material of Air Jordans, they last for extended amounts of time without the user experiencing any discomfort. The sneakers are acceptable footwear for athletes and non-athletes of all ages, even those who suffer from common foot complications such as chronic foot pain, foot spurs, and plantar fasciitis.

Air Jordans have been sought-after ever since they were released. Their unique styles and designs managed to stay in trend despite the developing fashion industry. The limited releases of Air Jordans compel consumers because of their need to be in on the exclusivity. Resellers often purchase large amounts and make an income off the limited releases due to the high demand and low stock. Owning a pair of Air Jordans is seen as a privilege considering the set status symbol associated with the shoes because of their extraordinarily high prices, usually placed by resellers. The renowned basketball sneakers have wide recognition even from the most affluent, such as movie stars, entertainers, athletes, and more.

Air Jordans’ exclusivity is not the only reason they are so desirable. The shoes represent an inspiring pursuit: Michael Jordan’s career. The shoes embody Jordan’s excellence on the court. Emotional impressions draw in consumers because they want to invest in a product with meaning. Air Jordans promote expressing oneself and dreaming on the court. There is a widespread belief that Air Jordans bring wearers closer to Jordan himself.

All sneakerheads must own a pair of Air Jordans. From the diversity in styles to the universal comfort to the optimistic message attached to the shoes, they are a timeless addition to sneaker collections. Although Air Jordans are pricey on websites like GOAT or StockX, the investment is worthwhile.