Wolfpack wins home opener against Spectrum


Martha Sanchez

SMB Wolfpack faces off against Spectrum. The team defeated Spectrum last Friday by a margin of 51-16.

Martha Sanchez, RubicOnline

Following the successful legacy of last year’s state title, the SMB Wolfpack has begun their season with a record of 2-0. The team defeated Spectrum last Friday by a margin of 51-16. This win followed their previous 35-7 win against Columbia Heights on August 30. 

Friday marked the first of four home games that Wolfpack will play this year. Similarly, following the traditions of last season, the Wolfpack fan section supported the team by wearing beach-themed attire for the game. The big change for the fan section this year came with its new location. Last year during the Blake School’s renovations, the fan section was placed at one end zone, however this year, the fan section has migrated back to its initial location in the stands. 

The game began with much anticipation. Spectrum scored the first touchdown with a 66-yard gain and two-point conversion. Jalen Suggs of Wolfpack quickly countered with his own 26-yard gain for a touchdown and two-point conversion.

Martha Sanchez
Wolfpack fans dressed up in beach gear to support the team.

In the second quarter, Suggs threw a second touchdown, making the score 15-8. Quickly following that, Wolfpack scored again, making the score 29-8. Finally, Wolfpack returned a fumble for another touchdown just before the half. 

Scoring slowed down in the third quarter, however, Wolfpack scored another touchdown and two-point conversion, making the score 44-8. The fourth quarter picked up a bit, with Wolfpack scoring once more and Spectrum scoring a touchdown and two-point conversion in a last-minute effort to raise their score. 

SMB Wolfpack continues their season on September 13 at 7:00 at St. Croix Lutheran High School.