[TWINSTINCT] Ep. 02: Course requests & classes

L: Hi, welcome back. I’m Lynn.

E: Evan.

L: And this is Episode Two of TWINSTINCT. So, Evan, have you heard about course requests forms?

E: Yeah, man. I’ve been keeping myself busy, you know, doing some research on finding classes I think I’d like for next year. Yeah, that’s pretty good about it.

L: What sort of class do you like?

E: Um, you know, I’m a big stem kid.

L: Sure, man.

E: Yeah, and then also, I’m just finding some other electives that I see that look fun. Um, how about you? Like, what type of classes are you trying to take next year? And are there any specific electives that you’re looking at?

L: Um, I’m pretty interested in. I’m thinking about doing computer science. It’s a new thing for me, but I’m excited that I have a lot of freedom to explore my interests. And I’m also really interested in a bunch of angles selected, so I’m thinking of doubling up this semester. But yeah, I don’t know. I like pretty excited because literally the only mandatory class we have is English.

E: Yeah, I think so too.

L: The reason why I brought up course request forms is because well, it’s timely [at the time that this podcast was recorded]. And because we wrote lot of similar classes on our course request forms, is that right?

E: That’s true, but I don’t think like twins are allowed to be in the same class together.

L: It’s not like a no, like this time that it was in class.

E: You guys who don’t know Lynn and I have never been in the same class. Maybe once.

L: At SPA we were in the same class in seventh grade, because there was only one class.

E: Yeah, but I think they they think we’re like a problem together or something.

L: Maybe just like cheating concerns, like academic dishonesty concerns. Even though I guess you can, like still, academic dishonesty is still a thing to be worried about across across classes. And but we were in a bunch of elementary- we weren’t actually that many elementary school classes.

E: I think it was like randomized, but I think we were split up most of time because I’m from be a distraction sometimes.

L: Yeah, I don’t think we have similar work ethics either. I think it would just be kind of odd to see you in class. Like, I’ve always like, like, sometimes I work, like I like do something early while you do it late. But then recently, you’ve been doing it more early on. Like, I feel like it’s always opposite.

E: Um, I don’t think we talked about this in our previous episode, but like, how’s distance learning gone for you?

L: It’s pretty good. Let’s I’m kind of procrastinating a lot more. Like I’m chilling, I guess it’s so nice. It’s kind of hard for me to remember to get my work done though. Because like I forget about it. Because I don’t know, just like, there’s not really constant reminder that I need to be doing my work. So I don’t really think about it as often, but I feel I don’t know. I can’t tell if that’s negatively impacting the work that I do or if it’s positively affecting the work that I do. What about you?

E: Yeah, well, I’m just happy because I have a lot more time on my hands, although like with the Coronavirus, a lot of the things that I would normally do, I can’t really do anymore, but um, one thing I do have is a lot of time so I can get my work done earlier and then do whatever I want for a certain amount of time. So yeah, I’m just going off from you though, but um, they’ve made some adjustments to the, to the schedule. Yeah. That are making us like,

L: Into the whole distance learning thing. I think classes are 40 minutes now and Then twice a week or twice a week each class. So yeah,
how are you feeling about that?

E: Um, you know, I get it. But, um, usually I would have no classes on Fridays and one class on Thursday. So once it hit Wednesday, because we have no school on that day anyway, like, I would just be coasting to the to like a four day weekend, technically. Obviously, in the grand scheme of things, I like it, because we get more face to face time with our teachers. It’s good overall.

L: Yeah, when he like put in perspective, like, I feel like if we kept it the same way, we wouldn’t necessarily be getting our money’s worth. And just like, I think it’ll hopefully it’ll help me be more on top of my work because it’ll just like, you know, like, four classes or three, I guess, like free periods and stuff, but four to three classes a day. And then just like for 40 minutes, like Every single time I think it’ll just be a more concrete reminder that I’m like actually in school.

E: Yeah.

L: How is the college process going? There are a lot of things impacting it.

E: Well, it definitely has an impact cuz I see it with like, like I was scheduled take the SAT and ACT. And then those get cancelled or postponed or whatever. It’s too early to really know. But like, yeah, I guess there are a lot of things different about the college. College is the entire process. Um, but I don’t think it’s something to really worry about, I think. I think it’s fine.

L: Yeah, yeah, everything’s been pretty accommodating. This new Instagram with the senior posts, I saw things about twins going to college together. It got me been thinking about what if we had a class together during synchronous classes?

E: That’d be funny. Because it’d be easy to recognize if I’m right next to you, right?

L: Yeah, actually, in my English class, there’s two siblings. And I can tell that they’re sitting in the same room and talking to each other. So it’s kind of funny.

E: But it’s nice because most people they’re not really able to talk to their classmates like that anymore. With you, I can just ask about something. Yeah, no matter what class it is, we’re in the same grade. We share some of the same classes anyway. So, um, yeah,I like that I can just talk to you face to face. I don’t think it wouldn’t really be too much of even like a benefit if you weren’t if you were in the same synchronous class because I can just talk to you anyway. Yeah, sure. Most other people don’t have that privilege.

L: Yeah, I’m glad cuz, for me, I just feel a lot more awkward talking online. Especially since it’s 30 minute class, and just like, I don’t know, I feel like I can’t say everything that I want to say. It’s nice having someone I can still like, talk about my ideas, even though we don’t like share the same class or anything. Yeah. But just like even like, going off of just like sharing class thing. You know, we’re gonna be like, apart from each other [in the future]. Or do you think we’re gonna stay together?

E: Yeah, I mean, like, I don’t know, all life happens here. We’re
young. I think for college, it’s probably unlikely that we go to the same college but that’d be cool. But honestly, I think it’d be nice to just separate cuz we still see each other all the time.

L: I’m excited for what else like whatever has to bring but still a ways away from me like, focused on just like this year and then senior year.I was just thinking cuz the whole Coronavirus thing just has me looking a lot more into the future than I do like I would be like a normal person when you look into the future like it’s pretty uncertain like you know, we don’t really know about going back to school in the fall.

E: Yeah

L: I just think, like, when we do get back a whole different like world like I just like I don’t even like right now. I just feel like my work ethic will never be the same again like I’m used to waking up at 6:30; do my homework and before eight it needs to be done. I’m pretty productive when I do that, but I don’t think it’s doing wonders for like anyone like what happens if I because sometimes I don’t even look at Veracross and then I see I’ve like a seven page Spanish homework to do. I don’t think I got this that in like 30 minutes.

E: I know, distance learning can adjust [your schedule]. And we don’t know what will happen…

L: I hope it’s gone in the fall. But yeah, it seems very likely.

E: Yeah, it could. I mean, it could happen, but, um, I wouldn’t speak too soon. I really think that um, I hope he like I really hope we come back in the fall- I’m praying on it.

L: Yeah, when we get introduced to new classes, that will make it even harder to do things online. I feel like it will be done like June, or August.

E: I’m not sure. I don’t think I can predict anything. I just think it’ll, I think I think it’s very possible that we’re not gonna go back to school on the scheduled date. But I don’t know, I guess. I don’t know. There’s only so much like talking about it can do. I guess we just have to see what happens. Yeah, I feel like that’s like the worst case.
I’m excited for what’s to come. It’s uncertain, but we’re just gonna take it day by day and see how it goes.

L: Yeah! And in the future, we’ll see if we get into any of the same classes. I heard a lot of them are only one period. Since we did so many electives, and they don’t prioritize twins being in the same class, we might not even get our first choice.

E: Yeah, I mean, it’s fine. There are a lot of good electives.

L: Yeah, that’s true. Especially like the English ones in semester do like my first second and even like third choice I’m okay with taking.

E: Yeah.

L: That wraps it up for this episode. Remember to turn your course across phones.

E: Yeah, man. Smash that Like button. Play as many times as you can
keep tune in. We’ll keep bringing that heat for you guys.

L: The the tri weekly tw instinct!

E: Yes. Whatever it is, thanks. I doubt anyone’s even watching right now to this point, but like, if you are you’re a real one. I really appreciate you. Yes, and yeah, we’re bringing in heat. Stay tuned.

L: Bye