[The 5] Trash rates rising, President-elect Biden has plan for COVID-19, Tigray conflict and more.

Annika Rock, RubicOnline


Nursing homes’ COVID-19 cases are significantly increasing. Resident deaths have more than doubled since May and in surge states, weekly cases among nursing home staff have almost quadrupled. More testing supplies, around 14,000 fast-test machines, and donations have been sent to nursing homes in hopes of preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the homes.

(Source: The Star Tribune)

St. Paul residents have produced tons of trash during COVID-19 while having to stay home, therefore their garbage bills are bound to rise. Residents’ annual garbage bill will increase about $7 this year.

(Source: The Star Tribune)


Former Vice President Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States this past week. He begins his leadership in a divided nation and a raging pandemic. The victory came after three uncertain days of votes being counted in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona. Biden had won Pennsylvania with the majority mail-in ballots being in his favor which brought him up to 270, winning the election.

(Source: MPR News)

President-elect Joe Biden already has a plan to combat COVID-19. His plan is to empower the scientists at the CDC and set necessary but possible guidelines for the rest of the nation. He will help those curating a vaccine for the virus.

(Source: MPR News)


In light of the violent conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, many refugees are fleeing to Sudan to escape the violence. Around 200,000 refugees are planned to cross the border and stay in Sudan. The Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed has declared war on the Tigray region as they go on the offense. Women, children, and wounded soldiers are fleeing to Sudan exhausted and starving looking for a safe place to stay.

(Source: AP News)