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META organizers strive to create space for BIPOC in Twin Cities

META. META founders, Winfrey Oenga, Ana Keller-Flores, Ijeoma Ugboajah, Sara Flores, Britney Chino, and Miski Omar gather for a photo. “META started this past summer after I and a few other friends who were all a part of a different youth organization came together and realized [that] organization, while being a great segue to being involved in our community, wasn’t directly going after the things we wanted,” co-founder Britney Chino said.

Evelyn Lillemoe, Chief Visual Editor

November 12, 2019

Black, Indigenous, and people of color in the Twin Cities have a new way to connect with one another, through a new group, META.

Students attend Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Journalist Lisa Ling speaks to the conference of students.

Annika Rock, The Rubicon Editor

December 12, 2018

Six students attended the Student Diversity Leadership conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Looking forward to the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, teachers and students travel to Atlanta

Students board a Dec. 7 plane to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Student Diversity Leadership Conference.

Clare Tipler, Online Production Manager

December 6, 2016

Students and teacher chaperones look forward to attending the SDLC in Atlanta, Georgia Dec. 8-10.